Christmas Mini Sessions

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Christmas Mini Sessions?  It’s not even Halloween yet!  You know how this goes though, right?  Every year we all do the same thing, we wait…because there is plenty of time, Christmas is months away.  And then before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving and then suddenly your kids are on Christmas Break and it’s too late.  So this year, let’s be proactive together!  Contact me for details and to set up a time to get your Christmas cards checked off your to do list early and get yourself and updated family portrait.  And don’t forget, family portraits make excellent gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.  Just like that, so many things checked off your to do list!  Book your mini session for $49 session fee – purchase a collection as receive a complimentary set of cards.

I have a special offer for all of my wonderful previous clients –

NO SESSION FEE and a complimentary set of cards with the purchase of any collection.

Christmas Sessions 2017 - Christmas Mini Sessions

I don’t want to make you feel bad or anything, but this lovely family below….they scheduled their Christmas session in June.  Yeah…June.  They brought all the appropriate accessories to their session and put them on with the sun cooking outside…what a smart family!  They’ve been done with their holiday cards for months now.  See…you need to get in asap.  Let’s get it done!

Portland Family Photographer

Family Photos

Christmas Mini Sessions

I have Christmas-y type props in the studio, but I know those are not everyone’s cup of tea.  So no worries, we can go super simple, or prop it up…it’s your choice.  With mini sessions, you will pick one background that you like, and that best compliments your clothing choices.  Mini sessions typically produce 10-15 images for you to choose from.

Christmas Mini Sessions

Holiday Minis

Family Portraits

The most common question I get when people schedule a family photo session is, “What should we wear?”  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  You can go onto Pinterest yourself and search Family Clothing for Portrait Session and you will find a plethora of ideas.  Here’s a Pinterest board I quickly created to give you some ideas.  The basic idea is to take the outfits you are thinking of for your family, lay them all out on a bed together, imagine that one person could wear everything at once.  Would they look cohesive?  Is there something that clashes, or stands out in a bad way?  Another idea is to start with one item…maybe the adorable dress you have for your daughter, then build from that piece.  Contact me if you need more ideas or help.

Triple the fun! Portland Baby Photographer

Remember these adorable faces?  Well, they recently came to see me again and oh. my. goodness. did we have some fun!  I was hoping we would capture one or two “update” photos, taken in a similar setting, same wraps when they are a little older, and we got so many more than I expected.  Boaz, Amaryah and Shilo were fabulous!  (It helped that at this point, only Boaz is a crawler.)  And big sister Lael was helpful and beautiful…just like last time! So sit back and get ready to enjoy an overload of adorable faces!  And if you are looking for a Portland baby photographer, contact me!  I’d be happy to discuss your portraits needs.

Portland Photographer

Here is the whole family together!  These are some hardworking parents right here.  I remember having a two year old and a crawler and feeling overwhelmed…I can’t imagine tripling that crawler.  More power to you both!

Baby Photography Portland

The first and my favorite of the before and after portraits.  I love the little peeking eyes as a newborn…and immediately pictured the after portrait with her looking over her shoulder at us.  LOVE!

Baby Portraits

And just some more fun!  I love how they are all looking to the side here…can you guess who was standing over there.  ;)

Baby Photographer

And another before and after…all lined up the same, same wraps, but now look!  They are sitting…so sweet!

Family Portraits

Portland Baby Photographer

Look at these precious faces!  And the expression on big sister Lael’s face is just priceless and Boaz decided he was done.  HA!

Children's Photographer

Can I just ask how is it possible to look this fabulous with FOUR little ones?!  But somehow she does it.  Hope, you are beautiful inside and out!

Family Photos Portland

I really love these two…these show their faces so well!

Newborn Portraits

Baby Photographer

And one more before and after…sweet baby giggles~

Baby Photography

Fingers are so delicious…3 out of 3 babies agree.

Sitter Photos

I still can’t believe we got them all to sleep at the same time.  Superstars!

Portland Baby Photographer


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Indigo…7 days

Soft and sweet…baby Indigo.  Indigo recently came to see me with her family for her professional newborn portraits, something I have been specializing in for over 14 years.  Years of learning how to calm and pose babies, and this little ones can still surprise me!  It is so precious how their little personalities are evident, even at just a week old.  So unique, created so wonderfully unique!  Enjoy Indigo’s baby portraits…Portland Newborn Photographer

Newborn Portraits Portland

Isn’t she just precious?  She was so cozy!  The studio is always kept very warm when I am photographing a newborn.  Most babies (if fact, I’ve only ever met two brothers who didn’t like the heat) love to be extra warm when they’re naked.  So I always tell mom and dad to wear cool clothing for the session.

Professional Newborn Portraits

Professional Newborn Portraits – Portland Oregon Photographer

Newborn Photography

This little look just cracks me up!  She’s trying to figure out that lady with the big camera and lights.

Infant Portraits

Textures, textures!  I love textures…the wood floor here is a creation of mine, I love the shades of lighter and darker wood.  And the driftwood…I found that years ago on the beach, just the perfect size for a baby.  That is a very common question for me where ever I am…can I fit a baby in that?

Portland Photographer

Portland Photos

Barefoot Photographing is quickly booking for the fall.  If you or someone you know are pregnant or if you just had a little bundle, contact Kimberly today to learn more about scheduling one or two professional photography sessions.  Kimberly has been specializing in maternity and newborn portraiture for over 14 years.

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Hayley and Austin…and baby makes three

“A grand adventure is about to begin…”  Winnie the Pooh

A grand adventure indeed!  What a fun and fabulous family…and I can’t wait to meet their little question mark!  This is super fun…this couple has no idea if their little baby is a boy or a girl, but their families know!  How do they keep the secret?!  This was such a fun maternity session, we had a wonderful time creating their portraits.  Are you looking for maternity photos?  Give me a call or shoot me an email, I’d be happy to give you more details.

Now…onto this gorgeous mama.  This first image has been in my head for over two years.  Sometimes you just have to keep trying something until you get it right.  And this was totally worth it!!  This happened with the help of a tripod, a timer, a fan and a helpful hubby.  And everything came together just perfectly, even the fan blowing just right to accentuate her baby bump.  Love it!

Maternity Photos

Such a sweet couple so obviously in love!

Pregnancy Portraits

This gal is just bursting with personality.  And she knew how to work the camera…so much fun to photograph.

Maternity Gown

Check out this new “gown”.  I say “gown” because a lot of the dresses I use in the studio are not actually dresses.  They are fabric that is made to look like a gown…like this one!  This is perfect, because maternity is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  I love this new one…love the color, the texture and the length…so elegant!Artistic Maternity

More lace!  Bring me more lace!

Pregnancy Photos

Maternity Photos

If you are pregnant, you should have your portraits created.  It’s so fleeting!

Even if you don’t feel like you’ll rock a photoshoot, give me a call.  Let’s get you in and capture your bump before it’s too late.

Portland Photographer

She makes it look so effortless…what a beauty!

Photographer maternity

Maternity Photography

I just have to include this because it is so fun!  This was a “test shot” that I did quickly at the beginning, just to make sure that everything is turned on, functioning and looking good.  And they are such goofballs…I love it!

Fun maternity



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Pregnancy is Beautiful – 35 weeks

“You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness.”  

Author Unknown

Pregnancy is beautiful…and I love capturing the beauty of it.  The image below I had in my head before this session and she nailed it…giving me just the look I was hoping for.  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  Isn’t she gorgeous?

Portland Pregnancy

  What a gorgeous mama to be…so poised, confident and relaxed.  We had a very pleasant portrait session in my studio.  And recently I have been searching out new gowns and fabrics just to make moms feel fabulous!  One of the most common questions I get is, “What should I wear to my session?”  Quickly followed by, “I don’t have anything that really fits anymore.”  Not to worry!  I have a plethora of maternity gowns, wraps and fabrics galore.  And as I mentioned, I’m always on the prowl for new ones.

Pregnancy is beautiful

Portland Maternity

Another question I often hear is, “Can my family be in the portraits with me?”  Of course they can!  Yes, family is always welcome, even the four footed ones.

Family Maternity

Pregnancy is beautiful!

Portland Photographer

I love maternity silhouettes!  They are always so stunning and perfect at highlighting that beautiful belly.  Timeless!

Maternity Portraits

Pregnant 007 1 - Pregnancy is Beautiful - 35 weeks

If you are pregnant and you cannot decide whether or not you have have portraits made, please contact me.  I offer a complimentary mini maternity session if you book your newborn portraits with me.  It’s a great way to capture your pregnancy with no requirement to buy anything.  In all my years of offering that, I have never had one mom regret having their pregnancy pictures taken.  I have, however, had many moms express their sadness at missing the moment.  Don’t miss it, pregnancy is beautiful!  Let me capture yours now…

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