Boaz, Amaryah and Shilo with big sister Lael

Prepare yourself for sweetness overload from these newborn triplet portraits!  I recently had put out the word that I was looking for newborn triplet models.  Now while these little ones are quite as young as I was looking for, I am so glad that their (AMAZING) mama Hope and I gave it a try anyway.  They were fabulous little models!  They gave me smiles and eye contact while they were awake, and then…they all fell asleep…AT THE SAME TIME.  I worked quickly and we got the cutest portraits!  Just precious!   And big sister was such a sweetheart, so helpful and loving.  She loves to hug her babies!

portland triplet photographer

I mean, look at them!  Those eyes, those smiles…they are such sweet little bundles!

newborn triplets

family photos

Seriously!?  Does this woman look like she carried triplets?!  She’s incredible, and not just because she looks like someone else carried those babies.  She is on…all the time.  Three babies at once…with a two year old.  I don’t know how she does it and still looks so fabulous, so calm and so loving.  Beautiful motherhood!

portland triplet photographer

Newborn Triplet Portraits

Typically, I recommend bringing newborns into the studio for their portraits around 7-10 days.  Now with multiples, that isn’t always possible because they often need extended care in the nicu.  Does that mean you have missed your window to have newborn portraits done?  Absolutely not!  While the session might take a little longer, or maybe they won’t be quite as squishy, as you can see, we can still capture beautiful portraits even if your babies are older.  Contact Kimberly today to discuss your portrait needs.  

newborn triplet photos

I love how Shilo decided to have a peek around here…just keeping tabs on that photographer while her siblings rest.

newborn triplet portraits

portland newborn triplet photographer

I had decided that I wanted to unwrap them for a few more shots, one by one they woke up and looked at me like I was nuts for interrupting their naptime.  But what a sweet portrait of them all bundled up together!

baby triplets

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Audrey – One Year

I’m sure some of you will recognize this little beauty who came to see me for her one year portraits.  I have photographed Audrey and her big brother Aaron since they were both “womb side”.  What a joy it has been to watch them grow.  When Audrey came in for her one year session, let’s just say, she wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.  Many times, parents will stress during the portrait session, worrying that we aren’t “getting anything good”.  But 99% of the time, that is just not the case.  You see these kiddos like to throw out gems like this first image amid the frowns or tears, and if your timing is right, you capture it!  My clients are often times pleasantly surprised at the results.

One year portraits

Portland Children's Photographer

One Year Portraits

What fabulous moments can you capture with one year portraits?  Well, often times we capture baby’s just starting to stand up.  Here’s a moment we tried and tried to capture and thankfully we did!  Audrie standing on her own!  Many of my clients also choose to do a “cake smash” at the end of their one year session…sometimes baby looooves the cake, other times not so much.  Either way, it makes for some adorable portraits.

One year portraits Portland

Children's portraits

Kid's photographer

Family Photographer Portland

And of course, no baby session would be complete without tears.  HA!  Sort of joking…but it is true.  Tears often fall…let’s face it, their babies!  But oh so precious…big brother comforting little sister.  But what can you do when your comforting fails?  I’m with Aaron here…what are you going to do?

Funny Family Photos

Have you missed some milestones?  No worries!  It’s never too late to capture your little one.   But let get you into the studio before anymore moments slip away.  Contact Kimberly today to schedule your baby’s session.

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Jeanette – Six Months – Portland Photographer

Meet little Miss Jeanette, or Netty – the cutest little nickname ever.  Netty came to see me with her family…mom, dad and her two big brothers, who happen to have 4 paws.  I love when families bring their dogs into the studio for a family portrait session!  She was all smiles, and like my middle daughter, the happier she was, the wider her mouth was.  HA!  Such joy.  Netty was an absolute pleasure to photograph.  Are you looking for a Portland photographer for your baby or family sessions?  I would be happy to meet with you for a pre-consultation, so give me a call or send me an email.  But enough about that…let’s enjoy some really big smiles!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Family Portraits

If you have a pet that you would like to join in for family portraits, please do not hesitate to ask.  I can’t promise to make them smile, but I’ll do my best!  The hardest part is getting them to sit still…but once we get that, getting them to look is no trouble.  And look at little Netty here with her boys!  So precious…an wonderful memory!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Here little Netty is wearing an antique family dress…and sitting in my antique pram.  And again…look at that happy smile!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Here we are again…the ever important mommy and me and daddy and me portraits.  I just love these family photos!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

If you have a little sitter who hasn’t had any portraits in a while, contact me!  I offer mini sessions for the “sitter” stage….but don’t wait, that little sitter is about to crawl away.  The Barefoot Photography studio is located at 2942 NE MLK in NE Portland.  Hope to see you soon!

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audrie – 6 months – Sitter Portraits

Sitter PortraitsSitter Portraits Portland

One of my favorite types of photography session is sitter portraits!  Sitters are babies typically between 5-8 months old.  The ideal stage to do these portraits is when your baby is sitting up unaided, but not yet crawling.  Of course, these sessions can be done once baby starts crawling, in that case, mom and/or dad gets a workout, chasing the little one around.  It’s a hoot!

Little Miss Audrie was at the perfect age for her portraits.  And oh my goodness…such beautiful blue eyes.  It’s always hard to decide between color and black and white because of this girls eyes.  But what can I say, I’m a sucker for black and white.

Sitter Portraits Barefoot Photography

Audrie kept trying to fly during our session…you can do it girl!

I’m so thankful that this family ever walked into my studio.  They bring so much joy (and energy) with them when they come.  Sitter sessions can often be done as a mini session…and I am never opposed to the whole family jumping in for a few portraits.  In fact…I will typically push mom and dad into a few pictures, even if they were thinking they might not have any family portraits.  Like I always say, you don’t have to buy the portraits, but if you don’t take them, you will never have the choice.

Miss Audrie was just about done…

But we talked here into a few more portraits, and I am so glad we did.  Just look at that gorgeous toothless grin!

How old is your little one?  Is it time for some sitter portraits?  Capture your little sweetie before they crawl away…

Did you know, if you booked your newborn portraits with Barefoot Photography, a mini sitter session is complementary.  A perfect way to capture them growing.

Check out more sitter portraits at Barefoot Photography.







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cora – 3 months – baby portraits

Baby Portraits

What a doll!  Cora was such a sweet baby to photograph, she was all smiles the moment they walked through the door.  And big sister Gianna was fun and so helpful.  We had a blast in the studio capturing her baby portraits.

From Cora and Gianna’s mom, Micaela – “My mother wanted to gift our family a photoshoot for our new baby girl and her big sister. She found Kimberly and Barefoot Photography from across the country and loved her.  So, we booked a setting and picked some outfits. Our photoshoot could not have gone any better. Kimberly was wonderful with the kids making the girls feel so at ease. The result was a natural, yet amazingly beautiful product. I could not have been more impressed with the quality and artistry in Barefoot Photography’s portraits. Thank you Kimberly! “

This age is such a perfect time for baby portraits, so if you are thinking about having your little one photographed, send me an email.  You can find more of my baby photography here.  In fact, because it is such a perfect age for baby portraits, I offer a complimentary mini sitter session to my clients who book their newborn portraits with me.  A sitter session is a fabulous way to capture each stage as these little ones grow.  But don’t worry, if you didn’t book your newborn appointment with me, we can still do a mini session for your little sitter.  Contact me for the details.  And do it now before the crawling starts!

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Contact Kimberly for Baby Portraits

Kimberly Whipps of Barefoot Photography specializes in artistic, studio portraits.  Maternity, newborn, baby, children and family portraits…whatever your family needs.  Barefoot Photography’s studio is located in NE Portland near the Nike Factory Store.  All sessions are by appointment only.  Schedule a pre-consultation here!