Jude and Jamie – See them Grow!

Settle in folks, I have had the joy of taking family portraits for this wonderful family for years.  It’s time for a “See Them Grow” post!  This is so fun…and thanks to my new filing system, so much easier.  (Did you know that I don’t delete images?  It’s true…how could I!?)  First, check out this progression of sibling portraits over the years.

Family Portraits

This family has been coming to see me since the beginning of their family…with their very first “bump”.

Maternity Portraits

And Mr. Jude as a newborn.  He was such a tiny baby!

Newborn Portraits

 Jude and his mama waiting for baby sister.  I love that they decide to book a maternity session for their second baby.  I think many families overlook maternity portraits for second or third babies.  “I have photos of me pregnant” I have heard some people say.  But every pregnancy is different and wonderfully special.  Plus, maternity photos with older siblings are precious!

Maternity Photographer

Family Portraits

The whole family!  I love family photos with newborns.  And precious little Jamie with her little finger!

Family Photos

Another adorable session with these two as they grow.

Children's Photography

Oh how I miss my old brick wall…so glad we captured these moment in that beautiful place.  I love the portrait of the two of them standing and looking at my like that.  Cracks me up!

Family Photos

And here we are to the most current session.  Look at how they have grown!

Children's Portraits

Jamie and his trains!  If you look back through their photos, you’ll see this is a common thread.

2017 06 04 0023 - Jude and Jamie - See them Grow!

2017 06 04 0024 - Jude and Jamie - See them Grow!

2017 06 04 0025 - Jude and Jamie - See them Grow!

I love this little scrunched up grin.  She’s such a precious and fun girl.

2017 06 04 0026 - Jude and Jamie - See them Grow!

2017 06 04 0027 - Jude and Jamie - See them Grow!

Thank you Glen and Kristen for choosing Barefoot Photography again and again for your family portraits because it has been a fun ride!  Give me a call or send me an email if you want to begin to capture your family in portraits.




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lucien and george- brothers

Portrait PhotographyFamily Portraits

What a tremendous joy it was for me to have Lucien and George in the studio recently for their photographs.  Lucien is such a wonderful brother to George and you can see how much George adores his big brother.  When I first heard their ages, I was a little worried about getting some interaction shots but I had nothing to worry about.  This is obviously how they are every day!  So natural and fun.  How long has it been since you have had your family in for professional portrait photography?  If you are like most people, it’s been a few years at least.  Contact Barefoot Photography…and schedule a photo shoot!  Let’s capture your family as they grow…

Sibling Portraits

Black and White Portraits

Whenever I take photos, I always take them in color and later convert them into black and white.  This way, my clients can choose whether they’d like color or black and white for each photo.  Also, if you opt to purchase digital files, you get both – color and black and white – of each image.  Sometimes, my clients and I have a really hard time deciding between color and black and white…they are both so beautiful!

Portrait PhotographyBrothers portrait

Oh my goodness!  The smiles these boys have.  Just a pleasure to work with.  And while we’re admiring things, will you just check out Barefoot Photography’s new wooden floors?  Both the rustic white and old wood started as a cedar fence that was torn down.  Many, many…MANY hours later, lots of blood, sweat and (near) tears and we have new floors!  And they photograph beautifully!

Child Photographer


You can view Kimberly’s work with family and children here.  The Barefoot Photography studio is located in NE Portland near the Nike Factory Store.  Photo shoots are available by appointment only Monday – Saturday with hours that fit your schedule.  Contact Kimberly!

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odessa and imogen – Family Portraits

Family Photography Portland

And another wonderful family that has been coming to me for family portraits for years!  In fact, this family is one of two families that have been coming to Barefoot Photography since I got my start in my backyard studio…so many years!  Thank you, thank you for trusting these sweet memories to me.  It’s an honor!

“We are blessed to have Kimberly take our family’s pictures!  We are always comfortable and she is so great with the kids — from newborn to older.  Kimberly took my maternity pics too and I am so happy to have those memories.  We couldn’t love a photographer more.  Plus, she is just an awesome person :)”

I need to do some digging so I can show you a “watch me grow” post for these girls.  This session was easily one of my favorites to date.  Odessa is quickly becoming a young lady…entering that tween stage.  And little Imogen has so much energy and vitality!  I love capturing their unique personalities.  And these photos are not staged…I didn’t have to bribe them.  This is who they are, they hug, they hold hands…they snuggle.  I would just give them an idea…”Can you touch noses?” And then oh, the giggles.  Sweet moments!

Portland Family PhotographerThis family is drawn to black and white portraits, as am I.  But the pop of color on the blue trunk is so beautiful!  I love the simplicity of their white dresses against the grey backdrop, with that splash of color.  Children's Portraits PortlandChildren's Portraits PortlandSuch a fabulous family…a joy to photograph!  Our sessions have always been filled with laughter.Portland Family PhotographerThis portrait of the sisters is my favorite from their photo shoot.  I simply told them to stand here together.  I turned and this is what I saw.  SO precious!  What a beautiful moment…  I just adore the way Imogen is holding onto big sister Odessa’s arm.  Perfection…Family Photography PortlandChildren's Portraits PortlandFamily Portraits Portland AreaKeep smiling girls…you’re beautiful inside and out!

See more family portraits – Visit Barefoot Photography’s Website

elliott and eisley – Children’s Portraits

“BOK CHOY!”  You really never know what is going to be the magic charm when doing children’s portraits.  For Elliott and Eisley…it was bok choy.  We had a blast shouting “BOK CHOY!” and then laughing up a storm.  Their little personalities and genuine smiles really shined and just look at what we captured!Gresham Family Portraits

In my clients words…

“This was our third photo shoot with Kimberly.  She did a wonderful job helping our very shy 15 month old warm up to her.  Our 3 year old absolutely loved her and is still talking about how much fun he had with Miss Kimberly!  We were amazed at her ability to keep the kids in one spot and get natural, expressive pictures that captured their personalities.  We love our photos and appreciate Kimberly’s style with children and artistic talent.”

Children's Portraits GreshamChildren's Portrait PhotographerChildren’s portraits like these take time and patience.  Little people sometimes have no issues with strangers, other times…they are a little unsure.  So we spend a lot of time playing before we take time to work on photographs.  Sometimes, we need to play with some toys, read a story or find a word that’s really funny.  Personally, I love the challenge!  Meeting a little one who starts a session hiding behind mom and ends the session in my arms, that’s a fun day on the job.  And so very rewarding when you end up with portraits as sweet as these. Gresham PhotographerGresham Portraits ChildrenBarefoot Photography Portraits

It is an honor to have clients like these, who trust me again and again to capture their families as they grow.  Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and your amazing little ones!

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Angelic Baby, Infant and Children Mini Sessions

Angelic Mini Sessions

Angellic Mini sessionsSaturday July 16th Angelic mini sessions will be held at Barefoot Photography’s new studio in SE Portland.
Sessions last approximately 15 minutes with 5-8 finished images to order from.

These sessions are limited to one subject per session.  If you have multiple angels you will need to book
separate sessions for each.  Though I cannot promise a perfect fit, I do have adorable dresses in studio
in multiple sizes for little ones to wear.  (And a pink tutu!)

Session fee is $49.  Portrait Collections began at $199.
You can view Collection options here.

Email me at kw@photosbykimberly.com to secure your session today!
I will email you back within 24 hours with session options.

These sessions are not limited to little girls, but if you choose to schedule a session
for the boy in your life, I will not promise anything more than this.Boy angelic mini sessions