Hayley and Austin…and baby makes three

“A grand adventure is about to begin…”  Winnie the Pooh

A grand adventure indeed!  What a fun and fabulous family…and I can’t wait to meet their little question mark!  This is super fun…this couple has no idea if their little baby is a boy or a girl, but their families know!  How do they keep the secret?!  This was such a fun maternity session, we had a wonderful time creating their portraits.  Are you looking for maternity photos?  Give me a call or shoot me an email, I’d be happy to give you more details.

Now…onto this gorgeous mama.  This first image has been in my head for over two years.  Sometimes you just have to keep trying something until you get it right.  And this was totally worth it!!  This happened with the help of a tripod, a timer, a fan and a helpful hubby.  And everything came together just perfectly, even the fan blowing just right to accentuate her baby bump.  Love it!

Maternity Photos

Such a sweet couple so obviously in love!

Pregnancy Portraits

This gal is just bursting with personality.  And she knew how to work the camera…so much fun to photograph.

Maternity Gown

Check out this new “gown”.  I say “gown” because a lot of the dresses I use in the studio are not actually dresses.  They are fabric that is made to look like a gown…like this one!  This is perfect, because maternity is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  I love this new one…love the color, the texture and the length…so elegant!Artistic Maternity

More lace!  Bring me more lace!

Pregnancy Photos

Maternity Photos

If you are pregnant, you should have your portraits created.  It’s so fleeting!

Even if you don’t feel like you’ll rock a photoshoot, give me a call.  Let’s get you in and capture your bump before it’s too late.

Portland Photographer

She makes it look so effortless…what a beauty!

Photographer maternity

Maternity Photography

I just have to include this because it is so fun!  This was a “test shot” that I did quickly at the beginning, just to make sure that everything is turned on, functioning and looking good.  And they are such goofballs…I love it!

Fun maternity



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Pregnancy is Beautiful – 35 weeks

“You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness.”  

Author Unknown

Pregnancy is beautiful…and I love capturing the beauty of it.  The image below I had in my head before this session and she nailed it…giving me just the look I was hoping for.  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  Isn’t she gorgeous?

Portland Pregnancy

  What a gorgeous mama to be…so poised, confident and relaxed.  We had a very pleasant portrait session in my studio.  And recently I have been searching out new gowns and fabrics just to make moms feel fabulous!  One of the most common questions I get is, “What should I wear to my session?”  Quickly followed by, “I don’t have anything that really fits anymore.”  Not to worry!  I have a plethora of maternity gowns, wraps and fabrics galore.  And as I mentioned, I’m always on the prowl for new ones.

Pregnancy is beautiful

Portland Maternity

Another question I often hear is, “Can my family be in the portraits with me?”  Of course they can!  Yes, family is always welcome, even the four footed ones.

Family Maternity

Pregnancy is beautiful!

Portland Photographer

I love maternity silhouettes!  They are always so stunning and perfect at highlighting that beautiful belly.  Timeless!

Maternity Portraits

Pregnant 007 1 - Pregnancy is Beautiful - 35 weeks

If you are pregnant and you cannot decide whether or not you have have portraits made, please contact me.  I offer a complimentary mini maternity session if you book your newborn portraits with me.  It’s a great way to capture your pregnancy with no requirement to buy anything.  In all my years of offering that, I have never had one mom regret having their pregnancy pictures taken.  I have, however, had many moms express their sadness at missing the moment.  Don’t miss it, pregnancy is beautiful!  Let me capture yours now…

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Kristina – 39 weeks!

Yes…the gorgeous mama-to-be totally stressed me out by waiting until days before the 39 week mark to have her pregnancy photographs done.  I used to do maternity sessions at 38 weeks, but too many moms ending up having a baby before our portrait session!  So a number of years ago I started recommending having them done between 34-36 weeks along.  So yes, I worried that we would miss our opportunity for capturing her pregnancy with portraits…and what a shame that would have been.  This was easily one of my favorite maternity sessions for a long time!  It was hard to narrow down these beautiful images to just a few to share with you.

One of the reasons why Kristina was so fabulous to photograph was her perma-grin.  Seriously…she never stops grinning.  Her joy at being a mother is so obvious!  Maternity sessions can be daunting for a mom-to-be.  Not everyone loves to be in front of the camera, and it’s hard to let go and be just yourself.  In relaxed poses, you know the ones with eyes closed, not looking directly at the camera…I remind my clients to give a hint of smile.  But Miss Kristina needed no reminder!  Just a happy smile at every turn.

And…we captured one of my new favorite maternity portraits!  I just love this picture…

Portland Maternity Photography

Portland Photographer

Gorgeous mom…waiting for her much loved, much anticipated bundle.  Beauty on so many levels!

Pregnancy Photographs

Pregnancy Images

Maternity Portraits Portland

Pregnancy Photographs

Oh and this here…this I cannot wait.  We captured this gorgeous moment of Kristina really focusing on the moment of holding her little one…and when she comes back with that little baby on the outside we are going to recreate this for  beautiful before and after portraits.  Cannot wait to see the outcome!

Portland Preganancy

Studio Maternity Photographer

Maternity Images

This is so unique and fun…and the timing on this was just perfect.  Because she’s a fun loving mom…Kristina had painted a soccer ball on her stomach…and the day she did so was a hot one.  Who knew that paint could be such a powerful sunblock!  The result was this super fun and timely “eclipse belly!  We did her session just two days after our historic eclipse.

Pregnancy Photos

Maternity Portraits Portland

Kristina…you are beautiful inside and out!  I have fully enjoyed getting to know you and I cannot wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

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Kacie…pregnancy is beautiful

Pregnancy IS beautiful and if you are pregnant you should consider having artistic maternity portraits created.  Why?  Maternity portraits capture your changing, growing and radiant body!  Celebrate the life growing inside of you and capture moments that you can share with that little miracle when they get older.  My favorite photo of my mom is a picture of her 9 months pregnant with me!  This is a moment of your life that you will never have again.  You might have other pregnancies, but not this exact one ever again.  And if I had a dollar for every time I heard… “Oh I wish I would have had maternity portraits done” or “I wish I would have known that maternity photography was a thing when I was pregnant.” or “I didn’t have any pictures taken when I was pregnant because I felt huge, and now I regret it.” …well, let’s just say I’d be a rich woman.

This gorgeous mama-to-be actually stopped me in my tracks.  I had been running a model call for maternity when I saw her at the BabyExpo and I literally called out to her across the aisle.  Can’t you see why?!  My goodness, she’s beautiful.  She was reluctant too…like so many moms I meet!  But we had such a fun portrait session in the studio and she loves her portraits!

Don’t let your doubts stop you.  I have over 14 years of experience in accentuating the BEAUTY of the pregnant body.  Give me your trust for an hour or so…together, we can make you into a piece of art!

Artistic Maternity
Artistic Maternity Portraits 02 - Kacie...pregnancy is beautiful

Maternity Portraits

Artistic Maternity Portraits

Still not convinced to schedule your maternity portraits with Barefoot Photography?  Then how about this…schedule your newborn appointment with me (who doesn’t want adorable portraits of their baby!?) and you will receive a complimentary maternity session…with no requirement to buy any portraits.  But in all of my years of doing this, no one has walked away hating every image.  Your are beautiful!  And you should capture this moment forever.

Artistic maternity portraits

Beautiful maternity images

Pregnancy artwork

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Carrie – 36 weeks

I have had the absolute JOY of photographing Carrie and her family for FOUR maternity sessions now.  And I know it’s hard to tell because apparently Carrie doesn’t age, but each of these images below is from a different pregnancy.

Maternity Sessions

And do you see each of the sweet little faces below?  I have also the honor of capturing each of them as newborns.  Be watching the blog for baby number four’s newborn portraits.  So precious!

Family Photos

Family Portraits

A sweet portrait with two older brothers and their soon-to-be-born baby brother.  Poor Kylie, she’s completely outnumbered.

Brothers Portraits

Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions

One of the things I love to photograph during a maternity session is the love between mom and dad.  I’m always glad when dad wants to participate in the session, not only because we capture what they share, but also because it shows mom that he’s excited about the portraits too.  Are you listening men?  Get involved!  Make your woman smile.

Troutdale Maternity 006 - Carrie - 36 weeks

Troutdale Maternity 007 - Carrie - 36 weeks

What are you waiting for?  Book your maternity session today and capture the beauty of your pregnancy!

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