Jude and Jamie – See them Grow!

Settle in folks, I have had the joy of taking family portraits for this wonderful family for years.  It’s time for a “See Them Grow” post!  This is so fun…and thanks to my new filing system, so much easier.  (Did you know that I don’t delete images?  It’s true…how could I!?)  First, check out this progression of sibling portraits over the years.

Family Portraits

This family has been coming to see me since the beginning of their family…with their very first “bump”.

Maternity Portraits

And Mr. Jude as a newborn.  He was such a tiny baby!

Newborn Portraits

 Jude and his mama waiting for baby sister.  I love that they decide to book a maternity session for their second baby.  I think many families overlook maternity portraits for second or third babies.  “I have photos of me pregnant” I have heard some people say.  But every pregnancy is different and wonderfully special.  Plus, maternity photos with older siblings are precious!

Maternity Photographer

Family Portraits

The whole family!  I love family photos with newborns.  And precious little Jamie with her little finger!

Family Photos

Another adorable session with these two as they grow.

Children's Photography

Oh how I miss my old brick wall…so glad we captured these moment in that beautiful place.  I love the portrait of the two of them standing and looking at my like that.  Cracks me up!

Family Photos

And here we are to the most current session.  Look at how they have grown!

Children's Portraits

Jamie and his trains!  If you look back through their photos, you’ll see this is a common thread.

I love this little scrunched up grin.  She’s such a precious and fun girl.

Thank you Glen and Kristen for choosing Barefoot Photography again and again for your family portraits because it has been a fun ride!  Give me a call or send me an email if you want to begin to capture your family in portraits.




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lauren – 13 years – Tween Portraits

Tween Portrait Sessions

Beautiful Lauren…and lucky me!  I got to have Lauren in the studio for not just one tween portrait session, but two!  And just look at how she has grown, from a cute and spunky 8 year old into a beautiful and sweet young woman of 13.  First of all, this portrait here just makes my heart all sorts of happy since it is snowing buckets outside.  I thought this very fitting!

Now…take a look back at then and now.  We didn’t even plan these similar portraits.  There were quite a few that lined up nicely to really show off how she has grown over the years. 

And would you just look at her hair in her most recent portraits?  The girl does that herself!  I’m lucky if I can get a ponytail straight, she’s incredible. I thought they had a professional do an updo for her portrait session.  Amazing…

Oh my!  Look at that smile, this girl is a natural in front of the camera.  These most recent portraits were done at just the right time because Lauren braces had just come off.

This last portrait was the one that caused her parents and I to stop at their most recent ordering appointment.  We realized that there was a similar image from her first session and I just happened to have it in an album at the studio.  So fun to see the changes and the similarities in these images!

How long has it been since your tween has had updated portraits?  It’s amazing how fast they grow and change.



maddy and aaron – Family Photographer

One of the best parts of being a family photographer is watching these little ones grow up throughout the years.   It is amazing how much little ones change in just one year!  Maddy and Aaron first came to see me when Aaron was still in the womb!  Here are a few from Aaron’s newborn appointment.  So precious and tiny!

Newborn PortraitsA wonderful big sister already!!Portland Newborn Portraits

Family Photographer

And here they are more recently.  Maddy is still the attentive, sweet big sister.  Aaron wasn’t too sure about the lady with the camera at first, but he warmed up and gave us that fabulous smile!  Capturing a successful sibling portrait isn’t always easy.  Typically, you’ve got one kid ready to go and looking adorable, and by the time you capture the second kiddo…kid #1 has gotten bored and wondered off.  HA!  But thankfully…Miss Maddy is a pro and she was ever so helpful as we captured Aaron for their sibling portraits.

Portland Family PhotographerFamily Photographer

While doing a family session, or a sibling session, I always capture some individual portraits of each child.  These tend to really bring out their uniqueness and personality.  I think as children grow older, it’s particularly important to photograph them.  So many things change when they hit that “tween” session.

Kid PhotographerPortland Children's Phortographer

Just look at these smiles!  I love it when we work hard and get past that uncertain stage where a child is nervous and unsure about me and my camera.  These type of genuine smiles make all of that work so worth it!

Family PhotographyFamily Portraits

How long has it been since you had portraits made of your little treasures?  Contact Kimberly today for more information about booking your own appointment!  I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your portrait needs and ideas.

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