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Tween and Sibling PortraitsSibling Portraits

You know how they say, the cobbler’s kids have no shoes?  Well…it holds true for photographers too, my kids have no shoes.  (Hee hee)   Actually…it is true that I rarely get my own little faces into the studio for updated portraits.  But I am so thankful I finally found the time in their busy schedule and mine to take these photographs.  For these portraits, we really wanted to capture their personalities  at this moment, their favorite things, how they are beginning to define themselves as individuals.  Your family session can include both tween and sibling portraits!

Maybe you have someone in your life starting to do the same…a budding artist, a football star, a future veterinarian?  Perhaps we can capture a similar moment in time for you!  Did you know that
“tween” mini sessions can be done at any time?  Mini sessions are typically a special event at Barefoot Photography, but I think tween portraits are overlooked, and necessary, so I offer them at any time.  Contact me for more information, and do it today before your tween becomes a teen and then a young adult!  Careful…could be happening right now!

Capturing Individuality!

Oh my goodness, this girl and her stuffed animals.  I don’t like to throw around the word obsession…but there are over 120, so what would you call that?

But never the less, look at the joy they bring her!  So glad we captured this moment before they stuffed animals are replaced with make up and boys.

Tween Portraits

And, our soccer star!  This girl plays on two different teams and almost ended up on three.  She is a rockstar and her focus and determination is inspiring.

Throw a challenge down and this girl will conquer it.

Tween Portraits

The lure of the stage…our girl in the limelight.  I still cannot believe that she started this adventure just two years ago and is already singing, dancing and acting

with more heart and passion than people who have been at it for years. Watching her perform is sheer bliss!

Tween Portraits

So proud to call these three ours!  “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD.” Psalm 127:3aTween and Sibling Portraits




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lauren – 13 years – Tween Portraits

Portland Tween Portraits 1 - lauren – 13 years – Tween Portraits

Tween Portrait Sessions

Beautiful Lauren…and lucky me!  I got to have Lauren in the studio for not just one tween portrait session, but two!  And just look at how she has grown, from a cute and spunky 8 year old into a beautiful and sweet young woman of 13.  First of all, this portrait here just makes my heart all sorts of happy since it is snowing buckets outside.  I thought this very fitting!© US Copyright Barefoot Photography ©

Now…take a look back at then and now.  We didn’t even plan these similar portraits.  There were quite a few that lined up nicely to really show off how she has grown over the years. 

And would you just look at her hair in her most recent portraits?  The girl does that herself!  I’m lucky if I can get a ponytail straight, she’s incredible. I thought they had a professional do an updo for her portrait session.  Amazing…

© US Copyright Barefoot Photography ©

Oh my!  Look at that smile, this girl is a natural in front of the camera.  These most recent portraits were done at just the right time because Lauren braces had just come off.

© US Copyright Barefoot Photography ©

This last portrait was the one that caused her parents and I to stop at their most recent ordering appointment.  We realized that there was a similar image from her first session and I just happened to have it in an album at the studio.  So fun to see the changes and the similarities in these images!

How long has it been since your tween has had updated portraits?  It’s amazing how fast they grow and change.

© US Copyright Barefoot Photography ©


Tween portrait sessions

Tween Portraits

Why is it that portraits of our children transitioning from newborn – child – tween portraits seem to slowly diminish over time?

I photograph newborns regularly.

Six month olds?  All the time.

One year olds…you bet.

4 year olds….sometimes.

8 year olds…not as much.

12 year olds….rarely.

Why is it that we have their portraits done on a regular basis and then…just as they are starting to discover who they are…we stop?  I’m guilty of this too…so you are not alone.  But I want to encourage you to schedule a mini session for your tween.  Any kiddos from 8-12 years old can be scheduled for a mini tween portrait session now!  Is she into dance?  Fabulous…bring the tutu.  Does he love to read? Awesome! bring his favorite books.  Are they learning an instrument?  I’d love to hear it!  Unless it’s a piano…bring it with you.  Sports, art, a pet…whatever their “thing” is, let’s find a way to make it a memory!

Every chapter of a child’s life is an opportunity to make some pretty memorable photos. Seeing our children every day makes it easy to forget about capturing these moments in life. We all easily forget about setting aside time to capture these chapters in life. It is easy in today’s technology era to think “oh I have plenty of pictures on my phone”. Make it a special moment to take time with your loved ones and show your tween that this chapter in their life is one to cherish and remember, especially when for some tweens this can be quite an awkward time for them. There is nothing like a fun photo shoot to lighten the mood!

Tween Portaits

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Schedule your tween portraits mini session now for a $39 session fee.  Mini portrait collections are available to get just what you need to capture this moment.  Contact me at to set up a session.