Christmas Mini Sessions

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Christmas Mini Sessions?  It’s not even Halloween yet!  You know how this goes though, right?  Every year we all do the same thing, we wait…because there is plenty of time, Christmas is months away.  And then before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving and then suddenly your kids are on Christmas Break and it’s too late.  So this year, let’s be proactive together!  Contact me for details and to set up a time to get your Christmas cards checked off your to do list early and get yourself and updated family portrait.  And don’t forget, family portraits make excellent gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.  Just like that, so many things checked off your to do list!  Book your mini session for $49 session fee – purchase a collection as receive a complimentary set of cards.

I have a special offer for all of my wonderful previous clients –

NO SESSION FEE and a complimentary set of cards with the purchase of any collection.

Christmas Sessions 2017 - Christmas Mini Sessions

I don’t want to make you feel bad or anything, but this lovely family below….they scheduled their Christmas session in June.  Yeah…June.  They brought all the appropriate accessories to their session and put them on with the sun cooking outside…what a smart family!  They’ve been done with their holiday cards for months now.  See…you need to get in asap.  Let’s get it done!

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Christmas Mini Sessions

I have Christmas-y type props in the studio, but I know those are not everyone’s cup of tea.  So no worries, we can go super simple, or prop it up…it’s your choice.  With mini sessions, you will pick one background that you like, and that best compliments your clothing choices.  Mini sessions typically produce 10-15 images for you to choose from.

Christmas Mini Sessions

Holiday Minis

Family Portraits

The most common question I get when people schedule a family photo session is, “What should we wear?”  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  You can go onto Pinterest yourself and search Family Clothing for Portrait Session and you will find a plethora of ideas.  Here’s a Pinterest board I quickly created to give you some ideas.  The basic idea is to take the outfits you are thinking of for your family, lay them all out on a bed together, imagine that one person could wear everything at once.  Would they look cohesive?  Is there something that clashes, or stands out in a bad way?  Another idea is to start with one item…maybe the adorable dress you have for your daughter, then build from that piece.  Contact me if you need more ideas or help.

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