Carrie – 36 weeks

I have had the absolute JOY of photographing Carrie and her family for FOUR maternity sessions now.  And I know it’s hard to tell because apparently Carrie doesn’t age, but each of these images below is from a different pregnancy.

Maternity Sessions

And do you see each of the sweet little faces below?  I have also the honor of capturing each of them as newborns.  Be watching the blog for baby number four’s newborn portraits.  So precious!

Family Photos

Family Portraits

A sweet portrait with two older brothers and their soon-to-be-born baby brother.  Poor Kylie, she’s completely outnumbered.

Brothers Portraits

Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions

One of the things I love to photograph during a maternity session is the love between mom and dad.  I’m always glad when dad wants to participate in the session, not only because we capture what they share, but also because it shows mom that he’s excited about the portraits too.  Are you listening men?  Get involved!  Make your woman smile.

What are you waiting for?  Book your maternity session today and capture the beauty of your pregnancy!

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Audrey – One Year

I’m sure some of you will recognize this little beauty who came to see me for her one year portraits.  I have photographed Audrey and her big brother Aaron since they were both “womb side”.  What a joy it has been to watch them grow.  When Audrey came in for her one year session, let’s just say, she wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.  Many times, parents will stress during the portrait session, worrying that we aren’t “getting anything good”.  But 99% of the time, that is just not the case.  You see these kiddos like to throw out gems like this first image amid the frowns or tears, and if your timing is right, you capture it!  My clients are often times pleasantly surprised at the results.

One year portraits

Portland Children's Photographer

One Year Portraits

What fabulous moments can you capture with one year portraits?  Well, often times we capture baby’s just starting to stand up.  Here’s a moment we tried and tried to capture and thankfully we did!  Audrie standing on her own!  Many of my clients also choose to do a “cake smash” at the end of their one year session…sometimes baby looooves the cake, other times not so much.  Either way, it makes for some adorable portraits.

One year portraits Portland

Children's portraits

Kid's photographer

Family Photographer Portland

And of course, no baby session would be complete without tears.  HA!  Sort of joking…but it is true.  Tears often fall…let’s face it, their babies!  But oh so precious…big brother comforting little sister.  But what can you do when your comforting fails?  I’m with Aaron here…what are you going to do?

Funny Family Photos

Have you missed some milestones?  No worries!  It’s never too late to capture your little one.   But let get you into the studio before anymore moments slip away.  Contact Kimberly today to schedule your baby’s session.

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Looking for models!

From time to time Barefoot Photography goes looking for models for creative sessions. If you are interested in possibly being a model, email me at  I can send you details about how modeling for a creative session works.

Looking for Models

Current Model Search

First, I am looking for a pregnancy model who is or will be 34-36 weeks along during the month of May or early June.

Next, I am also looking for a mother of two daughters who are both 10-18 years of age.

And lastly, I am ALWAYS looking for newborn triplets. I would prefer the babies to be 2-4 weeks old.

If you, or someone you know, falls into any of the categories above, please EMAIL me at with a snapshot. I will forward you a link with an application and details.

Please share this with anyone you know who would qualify and would like a complimentary session. Thank you very much!

Flashback Friday – Maternity and Newborn

A gorgeous Flashback Friday for you all!  This family is an absolute delight to photograph.  Not only are the beautiful…they are so much fun!  We did their first daughter’s maternity and newborn session and I was delighted when they returned for their second daughter’s session.  And could big sister BE any cuter?   I love the simplicity of the clothes they chose for their session.  One of the most common questions I get is, “What should we wear?”  The answer is almost always the same…”SIMPLE is better!”  Simple clothes are great because they are just following a trend that is hot now and 8 years from now my clients will regret.  These are portraits that will stand the test of time.  When these darling girls grow up, they won’t look back and say, what were mom and dad thinking!?  That is one of the goals of my photography…to create maternity and newborn portraits that will last for generations!Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Beautiful baby sister arrived!  And I just love this portrait of her with her adoring big sister.  So precious!  She’s already smitten…that is clear!  I am thrilled when families come all together for the newborn portrait session.  Capturing these moments when they are so little is priceless!  I know…mine are growing so fast!

Maternity and Newborn

When pulling the wagon becomes exhausting…you can always just take a rest.
Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Oh…one of my favorite images ever!  I love this portrait of the whole family…BEAUTIFUL!Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

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Salt Academy – Acting Headshots

Acting Headshots

I recently had the absolute JOY and PLEASURE of doing acting headshots for Salt Academy’s Salt PAC!  This theatre group is packed with talented young artists!  Singer, dancers and actors.  First, I am going to share their headshots, which are wonderful.  This kids know how to work a camera.  And if you need new headshots, be sure to contact me, I cover the entire Portland metro area.  And after their headshot photos, I’m going to share with you the REAL fun of this photo shoot.

Portland Headshots

And now for the outtakes!  These kids are such fun.  And they so clearly enjoy each other.  Salt Academy is a wonderful, uplifting place that is creating life long friendships.

Portland Headshots

Mimi and Harvest work SO hard to produce two full stage plays and two ginormous recitals every year.  (Not too mention special performances throughout the year.)  They’re amazing!

Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

And this just might be my favorite!  This was a last might…”Quick, grab the fan!”  So.  Much.  Fun.

Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

Gorgeous and goofy!  That’s Salt Pac!

Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

The above portrait is great…but this bottom one tells the true story.

Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

And another…beautiful above.  Truth below!  HA…they crack me up.

Portland Headshots



Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

Portland Headshots

Thank you Harvest and Mimi for trusting Barefoot Photography with this special task.  You two are fabulous!

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