Triple the fun! Portland Baby Photographer

Remember these adorable faces?  Well, they recently came to see me again and oh. my. goodness. did we have some fun!  I was hoping we would capture one or two “update” photos, taken in a similar setting, same wraps when they are a little older, and we got so many more than I expected.  Boaz, Amaryah and Shilo were fabulous!  (It helped that at this point, only Boaz is a crawler.)  And big sister Lael was helpful and beautiful…just like last time! So sit back and get ready to enjoy an overload of adorable faces!  And if you are looking for a Portland baby photographer, contact me!  I’d be happy to discuss your portraits needs.

Portland Photographer

Here is the whole family together!  These are some hardworking parents right here.  I remember having a two year old and a crawler and feeling overwhelmed…I can’t imagine tripling that crawler.  More power to you both!

Baby Photography Portland

The first and my favorite of the before and after portraits.  I love the little peeking eyes as a newborn…and immediately pictured the after portrait with her looking over her shoulder at us.  LOVE!

Baby Portraits

And just some more fun!  I love how they are all looking to the side here…can you guess who was standing over there.  ;)

Baby Photographer

And another before and after…all lined up the same, same wraps, but now look!  They are sitting…so sweet!

Family Portraits

Portland Baby Photographer

Look at these precious faces!  And the expression on big sister Lael’s face is just priceless and Boaz decided he was done.  HA!

Children's Photographer

Can I just ask how is it possible to look this fabulous with FOUR little ones?!  But somehow she does it.  Hope, you are beautiful inside and out!

Family Photos Portland

I really love these two…these show their faces so well!

Newborn Portraits

Baby Photographer

And one more before and after…sweet baby giggles~

Baby Photography

Fingers are so delicious…3 out of 3 babies agree.

Sitter Photos

I still can’t believe we got them all to sleep at the same time.  Superstars!

Portland Baby Photographer


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