Sweet baby boy – 22 days – newborn portraits

This sweet little one came to see me when he 22 days old for his newborn portraits, and what a fabulous little sleeper he was.  It was a delight to capture these sweet moments of his first month with his mom and dad.  Thank you for choosing Barefoot Photography as your newborn photographer!

newborn portraits

2 Newborn with family portraits 01 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in having their baby photographed, is what age should we do the newborn session?  The ideal age is 7-10 days, but that is not the only age!!  I have photographed babies as old as 7-8 weeks old and still was able to create the newborn look for portraits.  However, if possible, earlier is better!  Typically, babies that are 7-10 days old are past that constant need to eat, (I know I’ll get there someday too!) and they have not yet reached the baby acne stage.  They are also still so squishy!  Young babies are used to being all curled up and we can often create that womb-like look.  Also, within the first two weeks, babies tend to be sleepier and this is wonderful for a newborn portrait session.  There are two things about newborns which I am asked about a lot as well.  Their belly button cord and their flaky skin.  Yes, most of the babies I photograph have both.  For me, I think this just beautifully displays their newness!

3 Portland oregon newborn photographer 03 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

(This image below is a COMPOSITE image.  That means that this little sweet was NEVER actually hanging in mid air.  We took two photos, one with daddy holding the basket from above hand over baby and a second with daddy holding the basket below hand over baby, then I merged the images together. P lease NEVER hang baby in anything, always composite.)

4 newborn portrait photography portland 04 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

Newborn Portraits

5 Portland oregon newborn photographer 05 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

This little guy wasn’t too sure about this portrait business, but daddy calmed him down and we kept on chugging.  You can see his little flaky skin up near his hairline, personally I love it!  But I have had clients request that I remove it, and I can do that too.  It’s really up to you!

6 Portland oregon newborn photographer 06 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

7 Newborn with family portraits 02 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

While most of the time for prop and posed shots, newborns really do need to be sleeping, I love to get the wide awake portraits too.  Absolutely precious!

Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer

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