Salt Academy – Theater Portraits

Prepare yourself for a portrait overload…but I cannot help myself, I just love these theater portraits from Salt Academy‘s recent musical production called Calliope.  I really wish I could say that you should catch the next performance, but sadly, it is over.  So for now, these portraits will have to suffice.  With a cast of over 50, I really controlled myself by only showing these images…there were so many fabulous costumes and characters.  Salt Academy really went all out for this one…and I am already looking forward to their next big show!

This is by far my favorite portrait.  These three were the main characters for the circus…The Storyteller, The Ringmaster, and The Musician.

They were a fabulous trio and their costuming was spot on.

Theater Portraits

These two played their roles perfectly!

One of the many, menacing little clowns…

Theater Portraits

The little mime above, and The Storyteller with the lead Althea…the most moving part of the musical.  Every time I watched the scene with their story, I cried.  Everytime…

It would be difficult to pick a favorite dance…there were so many and they each had such emotion and power!  But this one was just fabulous!  I loved these odd striped suits with their faces set without emotion.  Beautiful moves and just so unique!

Awww…the whole happy family!

The amazing Orpheus, The Ringmaster…this role was perfect for him!  He played it so well.

This gal in her AMAZING make up and fabulous dance.  I love this costume!

Our comic relief…these two made us all giggle!

Meet Linus the Musician and Linus the dog…dang, you really needed to be there.


The fabulous family of mimes…

Wow…what an incredible production.  The people who created this and brought it to life are amazing.  The kids who played these roles were just fabulous.  It was an honor and a pleasure to photograph the portraits for this troupe!

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