Jacob – 16 days – newborn photography

Here are the promised photographs from baby Jacob’s newborn photography session!  What a wonderful family that I have had the joy of working with for four babies now!  John and Carrie are just delightful and their troupe is adorable.  Thank you for choosing Barefoot Photography!

Family Portraits

Children's portraits

I love these two photos of all the kiddos together.  It isn’t easy to wrangle 4 at these ages…kudos to John and Carrie who do it every day.  

Family photos

Newborn Photography –

Many times people will ask if they need to bring their own props and clothing, and while I encourage my clients to bring anything they would like to a maternity or a newborn photography appointment, I have many many things in the studio for my clients to use as well.  Dresses and wraps for mom, lots and lots of props for babies, and cute little things like this blue little outfit for newborns.


Ack!  Eyes are so difficult to control in the beginning!  Don’t worry Jacob, you are adorable no matter what.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Portraits

Infant Photos

This is one of my new props, and it is quite unique.  It is real bark, from a real tree.  I found it and decided it would make a fabulous prop.  Dried it out, made some repairs, made sure it would be safe and comfortable…and voila!  Add cute baby and you are good to go!

Baby Photos

I love this sweet little stretch!  Look at that face…so many times I get the babies into position and then they take over and so something cuter than I could have planned.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Portraits Troutdale

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Newborn Portraits: Riley’s newborn session

Warning: Cuteness overload.  Riley’s newborn portraits are just so precious!  There were so many adorable images I just couldn’t narrow them down.  And little miss Riley was a unique little gal because she actually really liked all of the props we used.  Typically, during a newborn photo shoot, I have parents pick their favorite props, then put them in order.  I warn them that we will most likely not get a chance to use all the props.  We will use their favorite ones first and stop when baby says enough is enough.  But precious Riley slept so peacefully, we got them all!  So sit back and enjoy the sweet bundle that is Riley!

Newborn Portraits

Newborn Portraits

So when should you schedule your newborn session?  You can find that and the answers to more questions here.

Baby Photos

Check out my new birch bed!  I have been planning this bed for a long time now and I finally had enough birch branches to make it.  It is perfectly sized for a newborn portrait session, but thanks to its sturdiness, this is a photography prop that can follow your little one through their first year!  (I know it’s strong because I stood on it before I took it to the studio…all good!)

Newborn Photography

Barefoot Photography offers a number of different backgrounds and floor options so that your baby photos are unique and varied.  Not too mention shelves and shelves of baby sized props, drawers of hats and tiny pants, and blankets and wraps galore!  You are welcome to bring anything you would like to your newborn appointment, but you don’t have too!  There is plenty of all that we need on hand at the studio.

Infant Photographs

Family Portraits with Newborn

Baby and Daddy Portraits

Oh my…sweet perfection!  I love these two portraits.  They will look fabulous displayed together.  Such sweet moments captured for Baby Riley with mom and dad.

Baby and Mommy Portraits

Newborn Photographer

See what I mean?!  How can you pick a favorite?  Riley was such a fabulous model…and she had the most direct gaze.

I love newborn portraits with tiny baby girls protected in their daddy’s hands.

Newborn Portraits

Sleeping baby

Are you thinking about maternity or newborn portraits?  I would be happy to schedule a pre-consultation appointment for you to discuss your options.

Visit the website then give me a call or hit contact to email me.

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caroline – 11 days – Newborn Photography

Portland Newborn Portraits

I have been creating maternity and newborn portraits for over 10 years now…and I never get tired of it!  So many beautiful bumps and adorable bundles.  When I first started, I didn’t offer the complimentary mini maternity with a booked newborn appointment that I do now.  But I wish I would have!  So many moms contact me for newborn photography…but they are reluctant to schedule a maternity session for themselves.  Their reasons vary…but most often, they don’t want to do a maternity session because they feel big and uncomfortable…and sadly, many moms don’t feel beautiful!  Believe me, I know how they feel.  I gained 60 pounds with my first baby…I did NOT feel great.  But I’m so glad I have photos to remember those moments by.  (If only I had had a skilled photographer who had 10 years of experience to pose me in the most flattering ways and use lighting to highlight the beauty and maybe hide some things if necessary.)  If you are pregnant and considering newborn portraits with Barefoot Photography….please oh please, let me talk you into taking advantage of the complimentary mini maternity session.  If you hate every photo we get…no worries, don’t buy one.  But you cannot go back if you regret not taking them.  And…I’ve never had a client hate all of her pregnancy portraits.  Most often I just hear, “I’m so glad you talked me into this!”

I did not have to talk Laura into maternity portraits.  She was excited to capture the moment with adorable Amelia who was preparing to be a big sister.  And brand new baby Caroline was a perfect little model for her newborn photography session.  What a dream!

Portland Maternity Photography


marco – 6 days – Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer I have the joy of watching families grow!  Baby brothers become big brothers and and little sisters become little “mothers”.  I am also have the joy of capturing the moments of sweet love as a mother cradles her newborn to her chest or as daddy soothes a crying baby in his arms.  These really are priceless moments and I am so thankful that I get to do what I love.

Are you considering hiring a newborn photographer?  I offer complimentary pre-consultations if you would like to come into the studio.  It is a great chance to see the studio and get to know me.  We can discuss what type of portraits you would like and the products you are interested in.  Barefoot Photography offers a range of beautiful products so that you can share and enjoy your portraits for years and years.  My clients can choose from hand crafted albums to fine art prints, canvases to display folios.  Request a pre-consultation here.

Newborn PhotographerNewborn PortraitsFamily photos with newborn

Siblings with Newborns

I love getting photographs of brand new bubs with their older siblings.  It doesn’t always go as perfectly as this did.  Siena and Luca were fabulous!  They were so excited about their baby brother Marco, and they listened and posed like champs!  And Marco was a wonderful little guy…so precious!

Siblings with newbornEven when siblings portraits “seem” to be going terribly and mom and dad are just sure it’s a pointless exercise, I’m always pleased when they get to see the images.  You have to be quick it’s true, sometimes…especially with a two year old sibling, there is only a split second before it’s a missed moment.  But I will always try my hardest to get these hard won portraits.  They are sometimes the best of the bunch!Portland Photographer

Seriously!??  Could this BE any sweeter?  (Using my best Chandler voice ;)Newborn PhotographyBaby PhotosInfant PortraitsOh baby Marco…you are loved!  Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer! Family Photography

A newborn photographer should be an expert in not only lighting and editing, but also in posing and working with children. Kimberly Whipps has been photographing newborns and their families for over 10 years.  She has three children of her own and years of experience working with newborns and their siblings.

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amara – one month old – Gresham Newborn Portraits

Sweet Amara came to see me and she brought her lovely family with her.  At one month old, she was a bit older than I usually photograph newborns, but as you can see…she had no problem looking sweet and tiny!  Thank you so trusting Barefoot Photography to capture these precious and fleeting moments.

And yes…gorgeous mama really did look this fabulous after just having a baby.  You can be all kinds of jealous if you want.