Sweet baby boy – 22 days – newborn portraits

This sweet little one came to see me when he 22 days old for his newborn portraits, and what a fabulous little sleeper he was.  It was a delight to capture these sweet moments of his first month with his mom and dad.  Thank you for choosing Barefoot Photography as your newborn photographer!

newborn portraits

2 Newborn with family portraits 01 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in having their baby photographed, is what age should we do the newborn session?  The ideal age is 7-10 days, but that is not the only age!!  I have photographed babies as old as 7-8 weeks old and still was able to create the newborn look for portraits.  However, if possible, earlier is better!  Typically, babies that are 7-10 days old are past that constant need to eat, (I know I’ll get there someday too!) and they have not yet reached the baby acne stage.  They are also still so squishy!  Young babies are used to being all curled up and we can often create that womb-like look.  Also, within the first two weeks, babies tend to be sleepier and this is wonderful for a newborn portrait session.  There are two things about newborns which I am asked about a lot as well.  Their belly button cord and their flaky skin.  Yes, most of the babies I photograph have both.  For me, I think this just beautifully displays their newness!

3 Portland oregon newborn photographer 03 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

(This image below is a COMPOSITE image.  That means that this little sweet was NEVER actually hanging in mid air.  We took two photos, one with daddy holding the basket from above hand over baby and a second with daddy holding the basket below hand over baby, then I merged the images together. P lease NEVER hang baby in anything, always composite.)

4 newborn portrait photography portland 04 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

Newborn Portraits

5 Portland oregon newborn photographer 05 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

This little guy wasn’t too sure about this portrait business, but daddy calmed him down and we kept on chugging.  You can see his little flaky skin up near his hairline, personally I love it!  But I have had clients request that I remove it, and I can do that too.  It’s really up to you!

6 Portland oregon newborn photographer 06 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

7 Newborn with family portraits 02 - Sweet baby boy - 22 days - newborn portraits

While most of the time for prop and posed shots, newborns really do need to be sleeping, I love to get the wide awake portraits too.  Absolutely precious!

Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer

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Indigo…7 days

Soft and sweet…baby Indigo.  Indigo recently came to see me with her family for her professional newborn portraits, something I have been specializing in for over 14 years.  Years of learning how to calm and pose babies, and this little ones can still surprise me!  It is so precious how their little personalities are evident, even at just a week old.  So unique, created so wonderfully unique!  Enjoy Indigo’s baby portraits…Portland Newborn Photographer

Newborn Portraits Portland

Isn’t she just precious?  She was so cozy!  The studio is always kept very warm when I am photographing a newborn.  Most babies (if fact, I’ve only ever met two brothers who didn’t like the heat) love to be extra warm when they’re naked.  So I always tell mom and dad to wear cool clothing for the session.

Professional Newborn Portraits

Professional Newborn Portraits – Portland Oregon Photographer

Newborn Photography

This little look just cracks me up!  She’s trying to figure out that lady with the big camera and lights.

Infant Portraits

Textures, textures!  I love textures…the wood floor here is a creation of mine, I love the shades of lighter and darker wood.  And the driftwood…I found that years ago on the beach, just the perfect size for a baby.  That is a very common question for me where ever I am…can I fit a baby in that?

Portland Photographer

Portland Photos

Barefoot Photographing is quickly booking for the fall.  If you or someone you know are pregnant or if you just had a little bundle, contact Kimberly today to learn more about scheduling one or two professional photography sessions.  Kimberly has been specializing in maternity and newborn portraiture for over 14 years.

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Noah – 22 days – newborn portrait sessions

Meet Noah…a sweet little man that I recently had the honor to photograph.  He was a wonderful sleeper with two adoring parents.  We had such a nice photo session!  Newborn portrait sessions can actually be a relaxing time for new moms and dads.  Things can get messy…that’s true of course, but recently I have been told again and again how relaxing the session is!  Once mom and dad are comfortable, I take the little bub and then they sit back and enjoy.  And look at the type of sweetness we create then…

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photos

(I would like to mention something about the image above, just in case there are photographers reading this who are new to newborn portraits.  This is a composite image.  That means that I took two separate images and photoshopped them together.  This baby is NOT suspended in any way.  The first image, mom was holding the white tie above the give the look of suspending the basket by the white tie, but dad had two hands under the basket.  The second image dad held the basket by both sides so I could get a image of the basket from below with no hands in the way.  Then I used the wonderful tool that is photoshop to make them one image, giving the impression that baby is hanging in a basket.  Please do not ever suspend a baby for a photograph…safety first!)

Infant Photography

I love this little concerned look Noah is giving me here.  What a sweetie!

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Portrait Session

Newborn Photos

Newborn Portraits

Family newborn

And the beautiful family portraits!  So wonderful…so new and fresh.  Two have become three and it is just priceless!  I love the last family portrait so much!  Thank you Jun and Katie for choosing Barefoot Photography to capture these fleeting moments in your life.

Family Photos

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Flashback Friday – Maternity and Newborn

A gorgeous Flashback Friday for you all!  This family is an absolute delight to photograph.  Not only are the beautiful…they are so much fun!  We did their first daughter’s maternity and newborn session and I was delighted when they returned for their second daughter’s session.  And could big sister BE any cuter?   I love the simplicity of the clothes they chose for their session.  One of the most common questions I get is, “What should we wear?”  The answer is almost always the same…”SIMPLE is better!”  Simple clothes are great because they are just following a trend that is hot now and 8 years from now my clients will regret.  These are portraits that will stand the test of time.  When these darling girls grow up, they won’t look back and say, what were mom and dad thinking!?  That is one of the goals of my photography…to create maternity and newborn portraits that will last for generations!Portland Maternity Photography 01 - Flashback Friday - Maternity and NewbornMaternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Beautiful baby sister arrived!  And I just love this portrait of her with her adoring big sister.  So precious!  She’s already smitten…that is clear!  I am thrilled when families come all together for the newborn portrait session.  Capturing these moments when they are so little is priceless!  I know…mine are growing so fast!

Maternity and Newborn

When pulling the wagon becomes exhausting…you can always just take a rest.
Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Oh…one of my favorite images ever!  I love this portrait of the whole family…BEAUTIFUL!Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

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Ryler – 10 days – Family Portrait

One of the most important photos I capture while photographing a newborn is the family portrait.  Mom and dad with their brand new little bundle of joy.  Ryler and his parents, Tyler and Rachel, made my job very easy!  This is just one of many family portraits that we captured during Ryler’s session.  I know a lot of parents think maybe they’ll pass on the family portrait, the session is all about the baby.  But I always encourage my clients to get in front of the camera for a few photographs.  It’s not a moment that you can capture even just a few months down the road.  They are this little for only so long.  A common question I get is what to wear for that all important family photo.  Simple is best!  Stick with solid, neutral colors to capture a portrait that will last a lifetime.

Family Portrait

Wide eyed and ready for the world!

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Newborn Props

Another question I often get during a newborn portrait session is, where do you get all of your props.  For those of you who have been to my studio, you know, I have a lot of props for babies.  Most of my props have come from years of searching.  Lots of time spent wandering the aisles of antique shops asking one question…”would a newborn fit in that?”  I also have a lot of clothing for babies…about half of these have come from my own hands (they like to stay busy).  I also purchase from vendors on sites like Etsy.  This provides my clients with a plethora of options to fit their style and wishes.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

I also like to give my clients a lot of options with their images.  For example…we did a wide shot capturing the fur around and the entire antique box Mr. Ryler was sweetly resting in, but then we also moved in close to capture the sweet details, like his sweet little lips and fingers.  There will often be similar images like this during a session, close and far away, straight on and from above.  More often than not, my clients end up with both!

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

And Ryler says “We’re done!”

Family Portrait

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