Salt Academy – Theater Portraits

Prepare yourself for a portrait overload…but I cannot help myself, I just love these theater portraits from Salt Academy‘s recent musical production called Calliope.  I really wish I could say that you should catch the next performance, but sadly, it is over.  So for now, these portraits will have to suffice.  With a cast of over 50, I really controlled myself by only showing these images…there were so many fabulous costumes and characters.  Salt Academy really went all out for this one…and I am already looking forward to their next big show!

This is by far my favorite portrait.  These three were the main characters for the circus…The Storyteller, The Ringmaster, and The Musician.

They were a fabulous trio and their costuming was spot on.

Theater Portraits

These two played their roles perfectly!

One of the many, menacing little clowns…

Theater Portraits

The little mime above, and The Storyteller with the lead Althea…the most moving part of the musical.  Every time I watched the scene with their story, I cried.  Everytime…

It would be difficult to pick a favorite dance…there were so many and they each had such emotion and power!  But this one was just fabulous!  I loved these odd striped suits with their faces set without emotion.  Beautiful moves and just so unique!

Awww…the whole happy family!

The amazing Orpheus, The Ringmaster…this role was perfect for him!  He played it so well.

This gal in her AMAZING make up and fabulous dance.  I love this costume!

Our comic relief…these two made us all giggle!

Meet Linus the Musician and Linus the dog…dang, you really needed to be there.


The fabulous family of mimes…

Wow…what an incredible production.  The people who created this and brought it to life are amazing.  The kids who played these roles were just fabulous.  It was an honor and a pleasure to photograph the portraits for this troupe!

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Kacie…pregnancy is beautiful

Pregnancy IS beautiful and if you are pregnant you should consider having artistic maternity portraits created.  Why?  Maternity portraits capture your changing, growing and radiant body!  Celebrate the life growing inside of you and capture moments that you can share with that little miracle when they get older.  My favorite photo of my mom is a picture of her 9 months pregnant with me!  This is a moment of your life that you will never have again.  You might have other pregnancies, but not this exact one ever again.  And if I had a dollar for every time I heard… “Oh I wish I would have had maternity portraits done” or “I wish I would have known that maternity photography was a thing when I was pregnant.” or “I didn’t have any pictures taken when I was pregnant because I felt huge, and now I regret it.” …well, let’s just say I’d be a rich woman.

This gorgeous mama-to-be actually stopped me in my tracks.  I had been running a model call for maternity when I saw her at the BabyExpo and I literally called out to her across the aisle.  Can’t you see why?!  My goodness, she’s beautiful.  She was reluctant too…like so many moms I meet!  But we had such a fun portrait session in the studio and she loves her portraits!

Don’t let your doubts stop you.  I have over 14 years of experience in accentuating the BEAUTY of the pregnant body.  Give me your trust for an hour or so…together, we can make you into a piece of art!

Artistic Maternity

Maternity Portraits

Artistic Maternity Portraits

Still not convinced to schedule your maternity portraits with Barefoot Photography?  Then how about this…schedule your newborn appointment with me (who doesn’t want adorable portraits of their baby!?) and you will receive a complimentary maternity session…with no requirement to buy any portraits.  But in all of my years of doing this, no one has walked away hating every image.  Your are beautiful!  And you should capture this moment forever.

Artistic maternity portraits

Beautiful maternity images

Pregnancy artwork

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Looking for models!

From time to time Barefoot Photography goes looking for models for creative sessions. If you are interested in possibly being a model, email me at  I can send you details about how modeling for a creative session works.

Looking for Models

Current Model Search

First, I am looking for a pregnancy model who is or will be 34-36 weeks along during the month of May or early June.

Next, I am also looking for a mother of two daughters who are both 10-18 years of age.

And lastly, I am ALWAYS looking for newborn triplets. I would prefer the babies to be 2-4 weeks old.

If you, or someone you know, falls into any of the categories above, please EMAIL me at with a snapshot. I will forward you a link with an application and details.

Please share this with anyone you know who would qualify and would like a complimentary session. Thank you very much!

Jeanette – Six Months – Portland Photographer

Meet little Miss Jeanette, or Netty – the cutest little nickname ever.  Netty came to see me with her family…mom, dad and her two big brothers, who happen to have 4 paws.  I love when families bring their dogs into the studio for a family portrait session!  She was all smiles, and like my middle daughter, the happier she was, the wider her mouth was.  HA!  Such joy.  Netty was an absolute pleasure to photograph.  Are you looking for a Portland photographer for your baby or family sessions?  I would be happy to meet with you for a pre-consultation, so give me a call or send me an email.  But enough about that…let’s enjoy some really big smiles!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Family Portraits

If you have a pet that you would like to join in for family portraits, please do not hesitate to ask.  I can’t promise to make them smile, but I’ll do my best!  The hardest part is getting them to sit still…but once we get that, getting them to look is no trouble.  And look at little Netty here with her boys!  So precious…an wonderful memory!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Here little Netty is wearing an antique family dress…and sitting in my antique pram.  And again…look at that happy smile!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Here we are again…the ever important mommy and me and daddy and me portraits.  I just love these family photos!

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

Portland Photographer

If you have a little sitter who hasn’t had any portraits in a while, contact me!  I offer mini sessions for the “sitter” stage….but don’t wait, that little sitter is about to crawl away.  The Barefoot Photography studio is located at 2942 NE MLK in NE Portland.  Hope to see you soon!

Portland newborn photography • Portland maternity photographer • Portland baby photographer • Portland children’s photographer • Portland family photography

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my own

Tween and Sibling PortraitsSibling Portraits

You know how they say, the cobbler’s kids have no shoes?  Well…it holds true for photographers too, my kids have no shoes.  (Hee hee)   Actually…it is true that I rarely get my own little faces into the studio for updated portraits.  But I am so thankful I finally found the time in their busy schedule and mine to take these photographs.  For these portraits, we really wanted to capture their personalities  at this moment, their favorite things, how they are beginning to define themselves as individuals.  Your family session can include both tween and sibling portraits!

Maybe you have someone in your life starting to do the same…a budding artist, a football star, a future veterinarian?  Perhaps we can capture a similar moment in time for you!  Did you know that
“tween” mini sessions can be done at any time?  Mini sessions are typically a special event at Barefoot Photography, but I think tween portraits are overlooked, and necessary, so I offer them at any time.  Contact me for more information, and do it today before your tween becomes a teen and then a young adult!  Careful…could be happening right now!

Capturing Individuality!

Oh my goodness, this girl and her stuffed animals.  I don’t like to throw around the word obsession…but there are over 120, so what would you call that?

But never the less, look at the joy they bring her!  So glad we captured this moment before they stuffed animals are replaced with make up and boys.

Tween Portraits

And, our soccer star!  This girl plays on two different teams and almost ended up on three.  She is a rockstar and her focus and determination is inspiring.

Throw a challenge down and this girl will conquer it.

Tween Portraits

The lure of the stage…our girl in the limelight.  I still cannot believe that she started this adventure just two years ago and is already singing, dancing and acting

with more heart and passion than people who have been at it for years. Watching her perform is sheer bliss!

Tween Portraits

So proud to call these three ours!  “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD.” Psalm 127:3aTween and Sibling Portraits




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