Looking for models!

From time to time Barefoot Photography goes looking for models for creative sessions. If you are interested in possibly being a model, email me at kw@kimberlywhipps.com.  I can send you details about how modeling for a creative session works.

Looking for Models

Current Model Search

First, I am looking for a pregnancy model who is or will be 34-36 weeks along during the month of May or early June.

Next, I am also looking for a mother of two daughters who are both 10-18 years of age.

And lastly, I am ALWAYS looking for newborn triplets. I would prefer the babies to be 2-4 weeks old.

If you, or someone you know, falls into any of the categories above, please EMAIL me at kw@kimberlywhipps.com with a snapshot. I will forward you a link with an application and details.

Please share this with anyone you know who would qualify and would like a complimentary session. Thank you very much!

Flashback Friday – Maternity and Newborn

A gorgeous Flashback Friday for you all!  This family is an absolute delight to photograph.  Not only are the beautiful…they are so much fun!  We did their first daughter’s maternity and newborn session and I was delighted when they returned for their second daughter’s session.  And could big sister BE any cuter?   I love the simplicity of the clothes they chose for their session.  One of the most common questions I get is, “What should we wear?”  The answer is almost always the same…”SIMPLE is better!”  Simple clothes are great because they are just following a trend that is hot now and 8 years from now my clients will regret.  These are portraits that will stand the test of time.  When these darling girls grow up, they won’t look back and say, what were mom and dad thinking!?  That is one of the goals of my photography…to create maternity and newborn portraits that will last for generations!Portland Maternity Photography 01 - Flashback Friday - Maternity and NewbornMaternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Beautiful baby sister arrived!  And I just love this portrait of her with her adoring big sister.  So precious!  She’s already smitten…that is clear!  I am thrilled when families come all together for the newborn portrait session.  Capturing these moments when they are so little is priceless!  I know…mine are growing so fast!

Maternity and Newborn

When pulling the wagon becomes exhausting…you can always just take a rest.
Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

Oh…one of my favorite images ever!  I love this portrait of the whole family…BEAUTIFUL!Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn Maternity and Newborn

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Suzan – 34 weeks – Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Photos

Maternity Photos 01 - Suzan - 34 weeks - Pregnancy Photos

I am always so excited when I get the chance to work with a family as they grow from two to three!  Suzan and Deriek came to see me for their pregnancy photos when Suzan was about 34 weeks along.  As you can see by these photos, she was absolutely stunning!  A gorgeous mama to be with an adoring husband and a baby girl soon to arrive.  Deriek and Suzan we so much fun to photograph and they had me laughing throughout their session.  Mini maternity sessions are perfect for parents who want to capture the beauty of the moment without committing to a full maternity session.  And of course dad can be involved, as well as any siblings (even those with 4 paws!)

Maternity Photos 02 - Suzan - 34 weeks - Pregnancy Photos

I am woman, hear me roar!  I love the fierceness here in Suzan’s eyes.  It’s a wonderful truth of motherhood…soft and beautiful, but fierce and protective at the same time.

Maternity Photos 03 - Suzan - 34 weeks - Pregnancy Photos

Deriek mentioned that when he read my bio, he was a little nervous because I stated that I hate shoes.  (It’s true, I do.) So while I do not fully comprehend Deriek’s obsession with shoes I was still willing to get them into one of their portraits.  (hee hee)

Maternity Photos 04 - Suzan - 34 weeks - Pregnancy Photos









erica – 36 weeks

Maternity PortraitsMaternity Portraits Portland

When is the right time to do maternity portraits?  It can vary from belly to belly…but most often, 34-36 weeks is the best window to capture your pregnancy.  Erica and her beautiful family came to see me at 36 weeks.  When I first began Barefoot Photography, I had moms schedule their pregnancy appointments at 38 weeks…the bigger the better, right?  Trouble was, they kept going into labor before their appointment!  I have also had moms contact me early, perhaps 32 weeks.  While moms might feel ginormous at 32 weeks, typically they are not.  I have found over the years that 34-36 weeks along is a great time to do your maternity portraits.  Not too small, not too big.  Just right!

I love this precious moment captured between momma and big brother…West Linn Pregnancy PortraitsPregnancy and Newborn Portraits

We had a wonderful time capturing this beautiful pregnancy….and check back soon to see their little man!

Maternity Photographer Portland


Kimberly Whipps of Barefoot Photography has been photographing maternity and newborn clients all over the Portland area for over 13 years.


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mariena – 36 weeks – Pregnancy Portraits

It is such a pleasure to have a client come back again and again for pregnancy portraits, and so it was with Aaron and Mariena.  I photographed Abby when she was just a tiny bundle, and now she’s the big sister!   These portraits were taken during their mini maternity session.  Did you know that a mini maternity session is a complimentary add on when you book your newborn appointment with Barefoot Photography?  A fabulous option for moms who want to capture their pregnancy but don’t need a full session.


Moms with dark hair look so beautiful on a white background…isn’t she gorgeous?Portland Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy portraits PortlandI love this family portrait…Abby loving her mom and dad…and the joy that brings them is so evident on their faces.  Priceless!

Maternity Photography And this dress!  Sometimes a pop of color and pattern is perfect!

Maternity Artwork Portland

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