Jacob – 16 days – newborn photography

Here are the promised photographs from baby Jacob’s newborn photography session!  What a wonderful family that I have had the joy of working with for four babies now!  John and Carrie are just delightful and their troupe is adorable.  Thank you for choosing Barefoot Photography!

Family Portraits

Children's portraits

I love these two photos of all the kiddos together.  It isn’t easy to wrangle 4 at these ages…kudos to John and Carrie who do it every day.  

Family photos

Newborn Photography –

Many times people will ask if they need to bring their own props and clothing, and while I encourage my clients to bring anything they would like to a maternity or a newborn photography appointment, I have many many things in the studio for my clients to use as well.  Dresses and wraps for mom, lots and lots of props for babies, and cute little things like this blue little outfit for newborns.


Ack!  Eyes are so difficult to control in the beginning!  Don’t worry Jacob, you are adorable no matter what.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Portraits

Infant Photos

This is one of my new props, and it is quite unique.  It is real bark, from a real tree.  I found it and decided it would make a fabulous prop.  Dried it out, made some repairs, made sure it would be safe and comfortable…and voila!  Add cute baby and you are good to go!

Baby Photos

I love this sweet little stretch!  Look at that face…so many times I get the babies into position and then they take over and so something cuter than I could have planned.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Portraits Troutdale

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Carrie – 36 weeks

I have had the absolute JOY of photographing Carrie and her family for FOUR maternity sessions now.  And I know it’s hard to tell because apparently Carrie doesn’t age, but each of these images below is from a different pregnancy.

Maternity Sessions

And do you see each of the sweet little faces below?  I have also the honor of capturing each of them as newborns.  Be watching the blog for baby number four’s newborn portraits.  So precious!

Family Photos

Family Portraits

A sweet portrait with two older brothers and their soon-to-be-born baby brother.  Poor Kylie, she’s completely outnumbered.

Brothers Portraits

Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions

One of the things I love to photograph during a maternity session is the love between mom and dad.  I’m always glad when dad wants to participate in the session, not only because we capture what they share, but also because it shows mom that he’s excited about the portraits too.  Are you listening men?  Get involved!  Make your woman smile.

Troutdale Maternity 006 - Carrie - 36 weeks

Troutdale Maternity 007 - Carrie - 36 weeks

What are you waiting for?  Book your maternity session today and capture the beauty of your pregnancy!

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kylie– 9 days – Infant Portraits

Troudale Newborn Pictures

Here’s another beautiful mother to be who opted to take advantage of a complimentary mini maternity session with her little ones infant portraits.  And why not!?  It’s complimentary!  A lot of clients worry that they just won’t like any of the maternity portraits (it’s never happened by the way….) and I always just remind them, you only buy the photographs you like, so no worries!

Now…let’s move on to sweet Kylie.  What a precious little bundle of baby!  She is the younger sister to two fabulous big brothers, Tyler and Nathan.  And I am honored to have had the opportunity to photograph all three of these little ones as newborns.  Yes, I am just that lucky.  Thank you John and Carrie for trusting me with these fleeting moments.

Many clients don’t know that your maternity session (mini and full) and your newborn session can include older siblings.  Of course we want to capture the entire family in photos like these!  For a newborn appointment, I recommend bringing the whole family in two cars, or having someone like grandma come along.  This way, we can photograph the whole family, then sibling shots and then we can have older siblings head home with grandma (or dad) so we can focus on just baby without any stress or extra noise.   A perfect way to capture all the images you want!

Another question I hear all the time….do I need to bring my own props and blankets?  Well…you can, but you don’t need to.  The studio is choked full of hats, wraps and props for baby.  And lots of dresses and wraps for mama too!  More information on the details page here.

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beautiful family – Troutdale Family Photography

Family Photos

Portrait Photography

My job is so much fun, I get to be a part of people’s lives for so many important moments.  This couple is a rare one…they had me as their wedding photographer!  My first one actually, and their wedding was so wonderful, so fabulous!  Then as their little ones arrived, I had the pleasure of capturing pregnancy portraits and even more fun…newborn portraits!  And now look at those little guys…getting so big!  I am so lucky to have this family continue to come back to me for their portrait photography.

Thank you for choosing Barefoot Photography…it’s been an honor to capture these moments for you.  You boys are adorable and such little gentleman.  It is always a joy to have you visit the Barefoot Photography studio.

Portrait PhotographyChildren's Photos

I love how baby brother is looking at big brother here.  It is so fun to watch them grow and imitate their older siblings!  They get along so well, they are just precious!

Family PhotosPortraits of KidsFamily Photographer

Kimberly Whipps of Barefoot Photography has been photographing families for over 13 years.  From bellies, to babies, to children and families, Kimberly captures all stages of family.  Contact her today to set up your family portraits.  Located in NE Portland near the Nike Factory Outlet.