Where To Begin

So you are considering custom portraiture…but where do you begin?

Well, first of all, I highly recommend that you visit Professional Child Photographer. There you will find answers to many common questions such as what is custom photography, and why does it cost more.

Next, you need to find a photographer! These days, anyone can pick up a camera, buy a cheap website and call themselves a professional. So finding that photographer may not be the easiest task. Most of the time, as with so most service industries, you get what you pay for. Look for an well established photographer who work suits your style.

Once you choose your photographer, set up a pre-consultation. This gives you the opportunity to meet your photographer before any portraits are made. Meet with them to see their studio, view and touch all the products they offer and clarify any questions you have about their policies, pricing and how they conduct their session. Ask a lot of questions!

Now that you have selected your photographer, start thinking about what it is you truly want to capture. Convey this to them…together, you are making your memories last a lifetime!

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